How to handle dating a divorced man with a child

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Needles to say, in our society, pop culture dictates everything and has therefore created a mass consciousness with clearly set and defined parameters of:what dating iswhat attractive is and what relationships are.

And as they say: "Consciousness dictates reality." Clearly, what most people think, becomes the truth.

As time goes by and his children become better acquainted with you and are beginning to feel more comfortable with your presence, they will adjust more to your relationship.

Although each child acts and reacts differently, expecting your beau's kids to treat you more warmly isn't out of the question, but it may not happen for some time.

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He was an attention seeking, value sucking, possessive, career obsessed freak who became the exact opposite of what his wife, or any other woman for that matter, finds attractive.If your boyfriend's kids don't seem to want you to spend time with him, aren't overjoyed to have you in the house or act out, when he tells them that you are spending time with him, keep in mind that it's not necessarily you that they don't like.Instead, the children's unwelcome attitude may be more of a territory issue.They were not legally seperated, not even emotionally seperated.I believed him, however, and continued to date him.

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