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If this attribute is set to "false", Assure Sign will not check the underlying file for any Jot Block definitions.Issue: You receive an error submitting with a document "Error occurred while parsing dynamic document" Typically this error will occur in cases where there is a mismatch between the filetype attribute specified in the XML and the actual filetype for the document itself (ex.a word document is sent but the file Type is left at the default 'PDF'), etc.

This message means the credentials you are passing (context identifier, username) do not have access to the specified template.

Please indicate the preferred endpoint configuration section by name." The Submit methods in Document NOW expose multiple endpoints to accommodate varying client (.

NET, PHP, Java, etc.) capabilities related to how data is transferred (basic text vs. Since there are multiple endpoints defined for the method, .

SEE ALSO Many plugins also come with a command to strip off the trailing whitespace; this plugin separates this into the companion Delete Trailing plugin (vimscript #3967), which can even remove the trailing whitespace automatically on each write.

To quickly locate the occurrences of trailing whitespace, you can use the companion Jump To Trailing plugin (vimscript #3968).

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