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(NT) -- You only get one life, enjoy it., Wed, Dec 20 2017, " along with the Senior Ladies speech - there are some extremely talented world class dancers that are both talented irish dancers along with academic excellence, don't underestimate these young people.

their barriers are only as big as they set for themselves and they can achieve what they aim to do in both areas.

Why are we fundraising for the things that should be provided within the service (mirrors, flooring, fans, heaters).

Understandable for a club that run as non-for-profit but a solely owned school, fundraising can seem to go astray as a means to keep a business running.

(NT) -- .., Fri, Dec 15 2017, " Yep still waiting here as well, and paid for it in October online..

says online that payment has gone through but that was my last update and haven’t heard anything since... (NT) -- :/, Tue, Nov 28 2017, " AIDA NSW super organised. [ Post a Reply to this Message ][ Edit | View ] Replies: I must agree, the major NSW and national Feisanna are all there and it makes planning lodging, plane tickets, other holidays away so much easier.

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If you are making the financial commitment to get to Worlds, you need to do the training to back it up or you should not be going.

Young dancers should enjoy their summer break, but if they are going to Worlds they can't do nothing for 6-7 weeks.

(NT) -- //, Tue, Nov 28 2017, " Must say that I agree with you on this.

Husband always questioned why we had to pay for an outside workshop teacher when we were already paying a teacher.

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