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In early decades, Sundays were occasionally used for practice and/or qualifying, but were used sparingly in pre-World War II years.

In some early years, practice may have been permitted on Sundays, but the gates might not be open to the public.

Since 1998, a concert featuring a top act(s) have been held the weekend of the race.

Numerous other local bands, indie bands, garage bands, and smaller musical acts perform at other times during the month on days featuring track activity.

When Tony Hulman bought the Speedway after World War II, Speedway management continued to refuse to schedule the race on a Sunday, a policy that stayed in place through 1973.

Qualifying and practice, however, were regularly held on Sundays during those years, with no days closed to spectators.

Since the late 1960s and early 1970s, the station has featured extensive daily coverage of practice, qualifications, as well as pre-race and post-race coverage on race day.

Since 1971, the most popular and most traditional daily show during the month of May has been Donald Davidson's The Talk of Gasoline Alley.

In some years, the track would be available for practice and testing as early as April.In 1974, due to the energy crisis, the schedule was reduced, and the track opened instead three weeks before race day.The change was well-received, and the new schedule was made permanent, with various tweaks over the years.Since 1998, a headlining concert has been held on Carb Day.Starting in 2014, a second headlining concert has been held on Legends Day.

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