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unbelievable part is that I ordered 4 orders total 3 after that date which I have received 2 and two pending orders that have not received. MY SISTER GOT HERS TODAY AND WE LIVE TOGETHER, WE BOTH ORDERED OUR STUFF AT THE SAME TIME!! I WANT MY ITEMS I SPENT A LOT ON MONEY ON THAT S**T!!

All I want is call and my order yet I get silly emails saying my order is on the way since Dec 6….. FASHION NOVA IS GOING TO BE SUED AND OUT OF BUSINESS IF I DON’T GET MY STUFF, AND IF YA’LL THINK I’M PLAYING!! Reply Fashion nova please help me I ordered since on the 24th I can’t get my order and I can’t get any tracking information please help me .

I attempted to contact the corporate office and even the CEO: Richard Saghain and still get no reply. The dress won’t be here in time so this order will be rejected and returned.

This company don’t respect their customers, so why would I give you my hard earned money.

Reply I placed an order on December 4th and have yet to revieve a conformition email nor have i recieved a tracking number for my purchase.

I have emailed fashionnova multiple times, dm’d them twice and have even left comments under their post.

If university managers receive ACA documents on behalf of an employee that ask for plan verification, please forward them to the HR Benefits office on your campus.they have done nothing to help or provide me with the answers i need.I understand they’re in high demand due to the holiday season but its about to be three weeks and nothing.Mind you these are not shirts that are on clearance this is there regular price.I am beyond belief with there “policy”, given that, even a car can be returned why can’t I seem to return a regular prices shirt with this unethical company.

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