Intimidating meaning in hindi

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In 2017, we’ve already lost another five languages. But if you want to venture further afield, English is the new Esperanto; the language of travel, business and international negotiations.

Many countries are making English obligatory on schools, or parents encouraging their children to learn it, as English is often synonymous with a better quality of life.

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Meaning and definitions of intimidate, translation in Hindi language for intimidate with similar and opposite words.

With around 196 countries, depending on whose classification you go by, you might imagine that there were at least as many languages.

What this means is that as populations and communities die out, the language is taken with them.

But Europe is actually the continent with the least variety of spoken languages, at just 287!

The Americas, conversely, house 1,062 languages, with and changing, as new words are added.

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