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Yet do remember that Life is Feudal, after all - there may be no place for Christmas here...

The Judgment Hour schedule is still in place for every Saturday (no JH on Epleland).

If there is no GF in the account, we have no choice but to take certain actions against these accounts. — The team We’re glad to announce that the server node crossing bug, which lead to horses disappearing has been fixed!

Don't worry too much though, since it's (kinda) Christmas and we're feeling ever-so-slightly less medieval than usual. We technically patched our servers with the fix yesterday, while this patch adds a bit more stability and some other serious fixes too.

Just be sure to relink your account before the week is up! We would like to update you on the current state of development as is it looks from our point of view.

We are currently working on a broad range of fixes, dealing with many aspects of the game.

It was no surprise to us that some of the Pv P folks reacted somewhat negatively to this change(we are still sweeping away the salt), while the majority of players have gladly accepted it. Today Battle Challenges were issued by some of the guilds.

Even though we did not officially announce the functionality of this system it is ready; we believe that it should be working correctly.

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We are truly sorry that we were unable to discover and fix these issues before OBT.

The heavier player load and the overall increase in traffic playing the game simultaneously have uncovered a lot of issues that had remained hidden during the CBT stages.

Approximately 90% of our development team is dedicated to fixing the issues that have been discovered.

What to use - screenshots from the game or real Medieval manuscripts? But remember: Send them our way via FB messenger or email: [email protected](#) Winners will be announced on 2nd January 2018 Recommended Less than 1200x1200 px .

PNG preferred You can read the full rules of the contest here.

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