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Their loss in a special congressional election in Georgia was particularly painful, given they invested tens of millions of dollars in a conservative-leaning suburban Atlanta district but still did no better than Hillary Clinton did there in 2016.Northam’s win in Virginia should give Democrats confidence that they aren’t totally feckless with the spotlight of the political world upon them.And the whole business tax system shifts from worldwide (where income anywhere in the world gets taxed) to a territorial system (where income only in the U. is taxed), something corporations have wanted to see change for a long time. The vast majority of America’s businesses (about 95 percent) are organized as “pass through” entities like partnerships, sole proprietorships and S-Corporations.Under the Senate plan, most “pass throughs” would be able to deduct 17.4 percent of their income tax free.For a time, it seemed that the strategy might be helping Gillespie close the gap, but it doesn’t seem to have allowed him to close the gap much at all.And the idea that this is a way forward for the GOP in winning elections in swing states like Virginia was certainly dealt a setback.The number who said Christie made them more likely to back Guadagno was in the single digits.

Gillespie and GOP candidates who don’t bear-hug Trump Trump sent this tweet shortly after Gillespie’s loss was called by the AP: Ed Gillespie worked hard but did not embrace me or what I stand for.Trump also cut a robocall for Gillespie that went out on Election Day.And the idea that he just needed to bear-hug Trump a little more doesn’t really hold up given he lost by a large margin.Election Day 2017 is just about in the books, with Democrats Phil Murphy and Ralph Northam winning the governor’s mansions in New Jersey and Virginia, respectively.The latter won the biggest and most closely watched race of the night, giving Democrats a shot in the arm after a tough electoral year. Democrats’ morale: It’s become clear that Democrats have the momentum across the country.

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