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Jonouchi used to be a thug and even hung out with Hirutani's gang for a while.

After becoming friends with Yugi he became more righteous and would do anything to protect his friends or innocent people being taken advantage of.

Kokurano simply told Jonouchi that he was having bad luck and didn't offer him any advice.However Yugi was skeptical of there being a star, so Jonouchi left him to find that star by himself. He quickly broke up the fight and found out that it was a staged bullying scene for a documentary, Caught on Camera: School Violence.When he confronted the director, the director reminded him that he was being filmed, so Jonouchi was reluctant to attack.He was the "lone paperboy" in middle school, Jonouchi along with Honda used to bully Yugi at school.Jonouchi was annoyed at how Yugi would let himself get pushed around and claimed his bullying was teaching Yugi how to be a man and even offered Yugi to punch him back, although Yugi hates violence.

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