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Our knowledge of the interior of Jupiter (and the other gas planets) is highly indirect and likely to remain so for some time.(The data from Galileo's atmospheric probe goes down only about 150 km below the cloud tops.) Jupiter probably has a core of rocky material amounting to something like 10 to 15 Earth-masses.Data from the Galileo atmospheric probe also indicate that there is much less water than expected.

It was a major point in favor of Copernicus's heliocentric theory of the motions of the planets (along with other new evidence from his telescope: the phases of Venus and the mountains on the Moon).

Galileo's outspoken support of the Copernican theory got him in trouble with the Inquisition.

Today anyone can repeat Galileo's observations (without fear of retribution :-) using binoculars or an inexpensive telescope.

Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and by far the largest.

Jupiter is more than twice as massive as all the other planets combined (the mass of Jupiter is 318 times that of Earth).

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