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— The Forever War — Miscellany: Hate hoax of the week; Galaxies like grains of sand; Rachel goes transnominal; Mexico doesn't want Mexican illegals either; Congresscreep goes dirty on Kellyanne — Signoff: With Haydn Intro — The arc of history bends towards mass stupidity — Bill Maher, heretic — CPAC purges Spencer — The President's brain-to-tongue issues — Alan Colmes, RIP — Miscellany: A great election triumph; Clinton supporters' grief finds comfort in an alternate universe; Grammar be racist; The Moon's a … — Signoff: With verse Intro — The spooks and the hacks — Russia's our enemy? — Not even wrong — DHS, Labor, Justice: worrying signs — American schools for American citizens!— Islam in Europe: the wheel turns — Miscellany: Decriminalizing corruption; Kim offs Kim; Support the President!————————— Listed below are transcripts of as many broadcasts as I have currently been able to recover.

— Futility, resignation, and sounding the alarm — Our Cultural Revolution marches on — A Governor, his state, and its statues — Smartphones, bah — Liberty and cash — Miscellany: The First Shiksa gives an interview; Well dressing malfunction; Goodbye, Cassini; Can U. — The retreat of law — Let's hear it for bourgeois norms — Miscellany: Cult Marx ♥ monarchy; Krauthammer hammered; Anti Fa capitalism; Dropping the pilot — Signoff: Long live the King!————————— I get occasional questions about the intro music for Radio Derb broadcasts. ————————— — Can-kicking news — Totalitarian capitalism: China got there first — The bollardization of the West — George Adamski lives!— Miscellany: Greek justice; Dreaming of a white campus; The net worth gap; "Jingle Bells" is racist!— Answering the Irish Question — Checks and imbalances — The coming healthcare fiasco — U.S., China, Korea: cutting the knot — Miscellany: Steve Bannon reads Raspail; Rise of the robo-thespians; White Good Samaritan helps blacks; Cane violence — the new Knockout Game?

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