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It was true, though I don't know how Paul could have known it at the time: he and John had known each other longer than John had left to live. As Mike in New Point, VA, pointed out, this song was originally a rocker.

I've heard some of the sessions where the Beatles were practicing the songs for Let It Be and "Two Of Us" was faster, electric and a much better song than what ended up on the album. Paul is fondly reflecting back on his and John's childhood memories, but the song seems contentious when it's focus is on the present.

"chasing papers, getting nowhere" seems like its about songwriting, doesnt it?

and the part about their memories and the road that lies ahead.

the way he holds the neck, the position of his fingers over the pickups, the length of the neck...thats a bass, im positive.

Actually, there is some question about whether George plays bass on the tracks on Abbey Road, since many live takes feature bass, piano and drums on tracks when John wasn't in the studio.

The Peter Gennaro Dancers did a dance production number to "Sgt. John had rich relatives who gave him 100 quill for his birthday, so he decided to take Paul with him on a trip which involved hedge hiking around Europe.

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" and NY Ballet dancer Edward Villella performed to "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds"... They stopped in Paris and stayed the week and got come hair cuts.

I think at the beginning of this song they say "I ain't dig a pigmey by Charles Horseraddish (something like that) and the deathaids (or deafaids) (laugh) phase one where (or when) Shily (something like that) gets her own (but sounds more like oats)."What John is whistling in the outro sounds familiar does it" well it does because it's the end of "Hello Goodbye" by Paul, you know the Hawaiian part.- eric, covina, CA"Why would John whistle Hello Goodbye if he hated that song?

All of the songs in/ on the I am Sam soundtrack are Beatles songs (correct me if I am wrong).

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