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The teaching licenses available in the UKan Teach program and some majors and interests commonly paired with each licensure area: If you know that you want to teach secondary mathematics or science (or if you want to explore the idea), the UKan Teach program can help you accomplish this while you continue to pursue your bachelor’s degree at KU. Students explore major changes in American culture through the critical reading and analysis of primary and secondary source material.

These include all university requirements, as well as the requirements of the College outlined in this section of the catalog. is the traditional baccalaureate degree, structured to ensure both breadth and depth of knowledge through completion of the KU Core, degree specific requirements in writing, mathematics, foreign language, and laboratory science, as well as course work in the major. More information is available on the College Online website, or contact us directly at [email protected] Provides an interdisciplinary exploration of art, architecture, film, literature and music. The course demonstrates the various ways in which sex, specifically the social and political meanings attributed to physical acts, changes over time and shapes human experiences and interactions far beyond the bedroom.

The liberal arts and sciences include disciplines in the humanities, social and behavioral sciences, and natural and mathematical sciences, as well as international and interdisciplinary studies options. Examines the African American cultural movement through art; the artistic gaze in novels; representations of African Americans in film; as well as the influence of musical and dramatic performance on the African American image.

The humanities are the study of the constructions or creations of humans over time (literature, religion, philosophy, history, culture, language, etc.). Considers the impact of American, European, and other cultural influences on black artists of the time.

KULAC courses are open to any student who has completed at least two years of college-level classes in the relevant language. An interdisciplinary introduction to individual and group identities over time. Students explore theories and methods relating to identity from various perspectives, such as race, class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, and region. Course is designed to meet the critical thinking learning outcome of the KU Core.

Courses are taught in Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Russian. For more information, consult the Center for Global and International Studies. Students explore theories and methods relating to identity from various perspectives, such as race, class, gender, sexuality, age, religion, and region. Not open to students who have taken AMS 110 or SOC 110. First-Year Seminar topics are coordinated and approved by the Office of First-Year Experience.

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