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Some people might find it boring, but not for me, I don't need illogical things or some weird plots to make the drama interesting to watch or maybe some cheesy romance. The story was real, I could identify with it completely, I felt like it could be a true story. because I still don't think it ended with all the problems solved like..Dr. Kim manage to bring CEO Jin to his knees.seo woo and that guy love story..joon dae love story .will kang soo and hyun Jin be in a relationship.love pls This drama soooo touching.. Her father was a bad and mean, and he kind of ruined her childhood.I can feel the connection between young hye jung and dr. He showed me how to continue our relationships with patience. There were no useless misunderstandings, no over the top screaming parents. many lesson and humanity value show in this drama, and i think that value sometimes got forgoten by healthcare nowadays.. I know she had a bad behavior and everything, but he was the grown up, and he was irresponsible, and he married a woman who was a bitch toward his own daughter. From what I saw (i still haven't finished the drama), she doesn't even like him, and I understand why.My biggest thanks is to the writer - I didn't feel manipulated to cry or be angry or root for one character over another. I wouldn't be hooked and get crazy about Doctors if I can predict all the scenes and the plot of this drama. Congrats Parkshinhye & Kimraewon and to all cast and crew.... The Director, the Script Writer, the Crews have worked so hard to get this done on time for us.Now, I'm starting to become a whiner to the whiners... The one things that i disappointed with this drama is the stubbornness of to forgive her father. for me its amazing story , healing ,forgiveness and love... Kim Rae Won and Park Shin Hye portrayed the characters fantastically. They even listened to our suggestions to satisfy us and make this drama better. I understand why Hye Jung will not reconcile with her father and good job to the scriptwriter and director for being brave to let this be. She was very angry with the president Jin, but not with his daughter. There are many good quotes and stories that people, who have been hurt or never been hurt before, can relate to or learn from. I guess it may reflect to their own life..while for me and lot of Doctors Fans, DOCTORS is SUPERB....everything flows as it should...too much/over the top nor less....emotions : anger, hatred, happiness, joy, sadness, forgiveness, passionate, empathy, simpathy, compassionate, sacrifice, LOVE are just RIGHT...relationships between families, father and daughter, father and son, grandma and granddaughter, grandfather and granddaughter, high school friends, college friends, colleagues at the hospital are potrayed so WELL... Their affection towards the patient is very touching. Hye-jung has revenge in her heart, she "can't happy" but he was very happy when seeing patients. I like the fact that there are many lessons learnt from this drama and watching almost every single character of this drama growing and becoming more mature. I started watching it again..of life lessons that you could not get in any other dramas...it's so real..because it's so real, some people said it's boring.

Park shin hye: your acting is so good and u look so mature here, finally u take drama with good plot, good job! It covers so many things, about family relationship, friendship, colleague r/s, etc. This drama was #1 in my Top 5 List for 2016 Korean Dramas!should forgive her father and life happily with him in future. When it comes to korean drama, I'm always having a second lead syndrome :)) Does anyone know what's the name of the song used few times as bgm but not included in official ost? the opening and ending narration in every episode always has an impact ... Although you can forgive, but it leaves the scar that is difficult to forget. This drama is also supported by te best, beautiful, deep meaning OST.even though he has done cruel to her in the past, but he still her father. But I'm quite satisfied since this drama has a happy ending :) Jung Yoon Do songsaengsim... It was played for example in last episode before and during Jin myung-hoon's surgery (around 32-35 minute). Where the background of the family that changed the process in life. hoping RAESHIN couple will do another drama....there chemistry is superb ... It makes me cry sometimes..happy and joy.....so..wonderful One of the best dramas ever made.Joon Do for some reason not because Hong is old but like... But it's an awesome and it would've been cool if the male characters in this drama could've known how to fight so when Hye-Jung needs protection or something happens, they'd know what to do instead of Hye-Jung saving herself and others...But anyways, looking forward for the end ;) Some people said that the male lead is too old, i don't think so.

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