Law school dating

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In that case, tu puoi bisbigliare a me nienti dolci italiani tutta la notte.

A few short study breaks for chatting or a meal are perfect as well. He is an associate for Im PRessions, as well as a photographer and active member of Backdrop Magazine at Ohio University.

And since law school is pretty much exactly like , dating each other is ultimately a really bad idea. So this week I do my best to serve humanity, by offering my own advice in the hopes that someday, somehow, Law School Land will not have to be such an abyss of dating terror. Ladies: I understand that, once upon a time, a frat brother cutting to the front of the Jungle Juice line to make sure you got your sugar, water and Everclear concoction before everyone else was considered an exceedingly sweet gesture.

Somehow, in the romantic caste system, it seems that law students are the untouchables, subject to the scorn of everyone else and relegated to only dating each other.

And although the myth of law school is that 1L year is terribly hard, it's just not true. It's anxiety-producing, sure, and uncertain and new and befuddling.

But it doesn't require being in the library at all hours, and studying all weekend without end.

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