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However, this action would be extremely costly to implement.

Another study, I'd rather be Hanged for a Sheep than a Lamb: The Unintended Consequences of 'Three-Strikes' Laws, released by the National Bureau of Economic Research found that Three-strikes Laws discourages criminals from committing misdemeanors in fear of getting sentenced to life in prison.

In 1995, Sioux City, Iowa native Tommy Lee Farmer, a professional criminal who had served 43 years in prison for murder and armed robbery was the first person in the United States to be convicted under the Three-Strikes Law when he was sentenced to life in prison for an attempted robbery at an eastern Iowa convenience store.

A 2007 study from the Vera Institute of Justice in New York examined the effectiveness of incapacitation under all forms of sentencing.

The study estimated that if US incarceration rates were increased by 10 per cent, the crime rate would decrease by at least 2%.

The exact application of the three-strikes laws varies considerably from state to state, but the laws call for life sentences for at least 25 years on their third strike.

Most states require one or more of the three felony convictions to be for violent crimes in order for the mandatory sentence to be pronounced.

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