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Lawyers in private practice often perform pro bono work to help low-income individuals and underserved portions of the population such as the elderly, victims of domestic abuse and children.

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Lawyers are among the highest paid professionals in the legal industry and most attorneys earn salaries well above the national average.

In these roles, lawyers are able to impact top policy makers and leaders and affect change around the globe.

Lawyers are autonomous and have the ability to make their own hours, set their own fees and choose their own clients and practice areas.

In many law offices, when a man and woman get romantically involved—which tends to be a byproduct of the consistently consuming work hours that prohibit lawyers from dating outside of the office—younger women, perhaps associates, got involved with men who were senior to them in the firm.

"Whether or not the relationship lasts, in most of those instances, what tends to end up happening is the woman has to leave that workplace," said Rikleen.

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