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It used to be easy to spot our gay friends – cos they were better dressed.It would be true to say that in early years of the club you guys were often socialy inept, never took off their overcoat and lets face it, some of you were not that attractive.And who cannot be labelled in a simple way will not only find themselves wrongly categorised but also, by being wrongly categorised, is forever doomed to be misunderstood.Everyone knows what gay and straight means, just as everyone knows what a transvestite is, but there is no label for a man who is attracted to transvestites.

We encourage all of our guests to “self police” the club and to inform hosts and security if a “guy guest” is annoying, rude or wont take no for an answer or is just too “touchy”.But (as I remind our many of our customers) you don’t have to be looking for a liaison with a lady boy to be a guy at The Way Out Club …By Stephen Albrow Every Saturday at the UK’s top transgender club The Way Out Club is a chance for the capital’s cross-dressers to party in a caring, tolerant environment, and it’s also a chance for their male admirers to feast their eyes on a bevy of T-girls.Having spoken to two in person and several online, it seems a high percentage of these men are married, hence the importance of keeping their fetish a secret.All are quick to dismiss the idea that their admiration for trannies is a variant of homosexuality, because gay men are attracted to masculinity – and not femininity.

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