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Possible crashes in the last stage of the main quest (in Ali's realm).

That part worked fine for me but crashed repeatedly for one of the testers.

Mods used to customize her in the screenshots: - Injured bodies and faces - UNP Mature : Different levels of cuts for her skin - UNP petite : for the base body - Body Slide for UNP: for the body morph With that, I highly recommend using an enhanced blood effect and giving her a basic armor and just knives to get the full effect of her companionship Credits -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - 'Old Book' for testing - 'Nathan Steele' for some of the new books content - Insanity's food mod resource (for the pumpkin model) - Skin textures for Alicia by Ekirts Ykcul ( ) - Default 'ceremonial armor' from TERA armors UNP conversion Apologies to Baudelaire for merging and customizing three of his poems: The vampire - Self tormentor - To a red hair girl Check out DDproductions83's mods at:

id=1574451 Full change log - Added: Basic support for Sex Lab Dialogues relationship type - Added: Chance of teleport to SD's Dreamworld if sleeping in Alicia's basement - Added: topics to Alicia about Dhovakin - Added: rumors to select NPCs before Alicia quest starts - Added: New custom shrine inside the abandoned prison (thanks azmodan22) - Bug: Disabled book in prison until quest stage is reached.

My character even has learned a position or two from watching her - Advanced Follower mods AFT (Amazing Followers Tweaks): : Make sure is placed BEFORE AFT in your load order UFO (ultimate followers overhaul): Make sure is placed AFTER UFO in your load order.Make sure you updated to the latest version (including updating FNIS and running Generate FNISfor Users to update animation templates).Also check that you are using an enhanced skeleton.needs more testing) - Fixed: better detection and bounty when Alicia's plaything escapes the basement (possibly...needs more testing) - Fixed: Alicia/Ali still transform on orgasm after their soul has been locked.

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