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The knock against Markakis, who will make .5 million in the final season of the four-year, million contract that he signed with the Braves, involves his declining power since the injury.

He’s hit three, 13 and eight home runs since leaving the Orioles. Scouts compared Markakis to Paul O’Neill after the Orioles selected him in the first round of the 2003 draft.

Keeping Markakis might have kept them in the organization. It’s not likely to be Markakis, but we’re in the thick of the offseason and pretty much everything is open to debate. Would you welcome back Markakis in an Orioles uniform and as the everyday right fielder while giving guys like Hays and Anthony Santander more time to develop?

Austin Hays could emerge as the regular right fielder in 2018, though the Orioles would have three right-handed hitters in the outfield.

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