Michael hall dating jennifer carpenter

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The opportunity for employment was very attractive.

What was it about Dexter Morgan that made him a likable and relatable character?

Before that I had been waiting tables and I did a comedy [ too but I don't really like to be unemployed.

I'm my father's daughter, and he worked at a factory my whole life, so there's something very satisfying about showing up to a job.

Hall) was a serial killer incapable of having emotions or a true human connection. Hall: I think the audacity of the submission to invite people to identify with a serial killer.

Will that be Dexter's downfall in the series finale? Before then, however, Hall and Carpenter look back at eight seasons of kills and thrills: New season, new sexy stars. Obviously the show is constructed in such a way that characters are presented in such a way that the audience is given permission to identify with him. It evolved quite a ways beyond that, and the character finds himself in a place at the end of the series that I couldn't even imagine when we started.

Frankly, if I did that it wouldn't really help much because it's not really my inclination.

Most married couples don't work together at all, let alone portraying a semi-incestual brother and sister duo on the set of a series about vigilante serial killer.What depths did you have to go to in order to play a serial killer?Hall: I'm someone who certainly is not opposed to doing a certain amount of research and certainly I'm interested in drawing in my own experience up to a point.WATCH: Jennifer Carpenter: Life Is All About Love"We can confirm Seth Avett and Jennifer Carpenter were married in North Carolina over Memorial Day weekend," the Avett Brothers' rep told ET in a statement.The couple began dating in June 2013 after Avett split from his wife Susan. Since the pair said "I do," Avett has been spotted wearing his gold ring while on tour with his band.

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