Most intimidating mascot

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Oklahoma City would have been much better off with a team name that alludes to its desert climate or its Western history.

I tend to lean toward something like the Oklahoma City Outlaws.

Toss in some awesome antlers, and you've got a ticket into the top 30.

The Senators would have ranked even worse if it is wasn't for their awesome "Roman Senator" logo. Throw in the underwhelming Blue Jays, and you've officially ruined what could be a top-10 city.

Too bad the Canadian senate isn't nearly that cool. Teams: Calgary Flames These Canadian cities really have to step up their naming skills.

Teams: Seattle Seahawks, Seattle Mariners, Portland Trail Blazers Though mariners and trailblazers may sound intriguing, they are really just fancy words for sailors and pioneers.

Seahawks, on the other hand, are actually pretty badass.

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