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Data modifications made by other transactions after the start of the current transaction are not visible to statements executing in the current transaction.The effect is as if the statements in a transaction get a snapshot of the committed data as it existed at the start of the transaction.Other transactions can insert new rows that match the search conditions of statements issued by the current transaction.If the current transaction then retries the statement it will retrieve the new rows, which results in phantom reads.This option has the same effect as setting NOLOCK on all tables in all SELECT statements in a transaction.This is the least restrictive of the isolation levels.Only one of the isolation level options can be set at a time, and it remains set for that connection until it is explicitly changed.All read operations performed within the transaction operate under the rules for the specified isolation level unless a table hint in the FROM clause of a statement specifies different locking or versioning behavior for a table.

There must be no other open connection in the database until ALTER DATABASE is complete.A transaction starts the first time it accesses data.A transaction running under SNAPSHOT isolation level can view changes made by that transaction.The ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION database option must be set to ON before you can start a transaction that uses the SNAPSHOT isolation level.If a transaction using the SNAPSHOT isolation level accesses data in multiple databases, ALLOW_SNAPSHOT_ISOLATION must be set to ON in each database.

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