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In fiction (and Real Life), a Disco Dan is a rare admirer who refuses to accept the judgment of history and passionately holds on to the belief that the dead thing is still as big as it always was — usually with comical results.Of course, twenty years later, the situation may change again. Sometimes caused by people saying that It's Popular, Now It Sucks too much, but not always: at its height, these people usually exist, but are typically not very vocal.Soon, small insignificant flaws become regarded as unavoidable and unforgivable sins.The final tell-tale sign is when ridicule, or even hatred, comes not just for the thing itself, but for its fans.Firelement85 , 5 December 2006 (UTC)We had one in there but someone recently has been citing a lot of images for deletion, saying that it wasn't proper fair use, it wasn't a free image or something, I'm keeping an eye on it, if the image is kept I'll put it back in there but the best thing we could hope for is for someone to take a photo of Jensen themselves and upload that as then there is no issue of copyright, it is a free image.after Googling for "Wendy Auguste" and finding no hits, I can only conclude that some strange fan is trying to inject themselves into the article out of some weird fantasy to be with Jensen.

Shropshire Tourism tries to stay one step ahead of these people and sends out warning advice emails to members so do look out for them.

If I'm just not your cup of tea, please feel free to enjoy what the other models bring.

If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.

They become the subject of nasty, highly-specific stereotypes, and gushing about how you like it online is considered trolling.

Ten years later, almost nobody will admit that they ever liked it, and the only mention in the media will be cheap jokes about the fad.

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