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I was expecting an account of Gandhi that was full of uncritical adoration for the spiritual leader, but was pleasantly surprised to discover a fairly even-handed approach.

The book commends Gandhi's great achievements and vision for a united Hindu-Muslim India and equality for untouchables and for Indians generally in A biography of an incredible man who played a significant role in gaining certain rights for Indians in South Africa and in helping to gain India's independence from the British.

The inspiring thing about knowing Gandhi completely is that one understands that it is possible to transcend one's human limitations and achieve something important if one has the will to do so.

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The overall impression this book gave me was of Gandhi's humanness with all its eccentricities/stubbornness as well as his brilliance in using image, popularity and sheer determination to help change politics.Adams repeatedly insists that Gandhi was a scheming, ambitious man without even a single piece of substantiation. Of course, Gandhi had his faults -- and not one escapes Adams' judging eye or salacious tongue -- but personal ambition was not one of them.The fact that Gandhi's greatness comes through despite the vicious slander is what makes the book moving.Every single Englishman, to Adams, no matter how racist, or how vicious, is well meaning.The death of millions of people in a famine is, for Adams, due to an oversight and "entirely avoidable".

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