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And they concluded the same when men complimented women’s possessions, so it’s apparently better to say “Your garden is a sea of flowers” than “Your door is very strong.” “The findings confirm our hypotheses that in a courtship situation where compliments serve as a sexual display of mate quality, women show a preference for metaphors, particularly novel ones, in verbal structure,” the researchers wrote.

Apparently using metaphors implies men are creative and intelligent. They also hypothesised that women prefer to be complimented on their appearance than possessions and were proven correct.

According to scientists from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in China, women prefer men who use metaphorical language to compliment them.

They claim that compliments like “Your eyes are morning dew” or “Your smile is a naughty goblin” are better received than literal expressions like “Your lips are so sexy.” Because every woman wants to be likened to a goblin.

This one has been making the rounds lately for being just so in your face that it's downright unbelievable it made it past the censors.

Rocko takes a job at a phone sex hotline and ends up on the line with Mrs. As if the conversation weren't enough, the guidelines for a good operator really drive this home: "Be hot. Be courteous."In an episode entitled "Closet Clown," the gang is consoling Ed Bighead after they discover he's been working as a clown.

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Yeesh, even that cupping gesture is giving me the heebie-jeebies.A line that makes one person swoon might make another cringe, so it’s a minefield really.However, researchers from China claim to have discovered what to say to give yourself the best chance of wooing the object of your affections: use a metaphor.Rocko's Modern Life was particularly good at using innuendo to get some truly mature things past the censors.From phone sex to masturbatory euphemisms, this show did not hold back at all when it comes to inappropriate material.

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