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There is a place in Belgium known as Kruis or Cruys and a place by the name of Creus-Anisy in Normandy. The earliest mention of the name in English records found to date is in about 1160 when Ottuel de Crues of Netherexe attested the Colne charters.

The earliest document in the family records is known as the Tracy Deed which is believed to date from the beginning of the 13th century, if not earlier.

Two of the witnesses to this deed are Richard de Cruwes and Alexander de Cruwes.

The family gave its name to the parish of Cruwys Morchard, near Tiverton, in North Devon, where they have been Lords of the Manor for almost nine hundred years from the twelfth century to the present day.

There were 497 people with the surname Cruwys whose births were registered in England and Wales between 18.

These parishes were formerly known as Rackenford Cruwys and Anstey Cruwys.In early records the name was usually spelt Cruwes, Cruys, or Crues.The present-day spelling Cruwys is a curious hybrid of these early spellings.The Cruwys spelling was used consistently in the Cruwys Morchard parish registers from the 1680s onwards.Elsewhere in Devon the Cruwys spelling began to be used from the 1790s onwards.

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