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Scott and his girl took a room and so did Greg, whose house it was, went to his room with his girl.My girl, Denise and I headed up to find a place to fuck, and went to a room in the back of the house near the hall bath room.As her orgasm waned I moved my arms out from between her legs so that her knees were now under my armpits and I pulled her down and back so that her pussy was still over my face.I quickly moved my hand to her snatch and started to work first one then two fingers into her tight pussy, fucking her with my fingers at a quick pace.Walter Matthau plays a professional killer going by the name of Trabucco, who is on his way to rub out gangster Rudy "Disco" Gambola, set to testify against the mob.As Trabucco heads off to a hotel across the street from the courthouse where he plans to set his hit, he runs into the depressed Victor Clooney, who laments the fact that his wife has left him for the head of a weird Californian sex clinic.

She loved to have her pussy eaten and I loved licking that tight hole.She was soaking wet and I knew she was gonna cum soon.I continued to work her hole as she sucked my cock.He stood up and we stroked each other a few more seconds.I told him I had to go but that I would leave the door cracked to the room we were in so he could watch us but to wait a few minutes before he left the bath room.

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