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(To be fair, there’s a learning curve whenever you get a new keyboard of any type, much like switching from a car you’re used to driving to another.) But if you have wrist pain, adjusting your typing technique is a minor hindrance if it might bring some relief.

The first step toward understanding what makes a good ergonomic keyboard is knowing how repetitive use can injure our wrists, arms, shoulders, back, and neck.

If you’re concerned about ergonomics and strain on your wrists, these are far more important features than backlit keys or dedicated shortcut keys.

In addition to being a comfortable keyboard to type on for hours at a time, our pick wirelessly connects to Windows and mac OS, boasts a sleek and low-profile design, and uses chiclet keys that will be familiar to anyone who’s used a recent laptop.

You can also angle each half of the keyboard horizontally (what’s called ‘tented’) or vertically (called a negative tilt) using the fold-out feet on the bottom of the keyboard.

But unlike the Microsoft Sculpt Ergo, you cannot have both directions adjusted at the same time.

(Microsoft sells two versions of the Sculpt Ergo, one with a mouse and one without.

If you do a lot of typing and you’re concerned about your posture or hand, arm, or shoulder pain, an ergonomic keyboard can help you position your body more properly. David Rempel says that if you use a keyboard more than 10 hours a week and already experience this discomfort or pain, you should consider an ergonomic keyboard.For everyone else, however, ergonomic keyboards can be more comfortable than traditional keyboards if you’re typing all day long.The Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard keeps your wrists and arms in a relaxed, neutral position, thanks to its negative-slope attachment, large wrist pad, and partially split, curved design.If you spend hours typing each day and want to improve your comfort, the Sculpt Ergo is a solid and affordable investment, costing less than half the price of other great ergonomic keyboards.It doesn’t have a standard Mac key layout, though; if you need one, check out our other picks.

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