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A lot of people here like Tomoko though because they see themselves in her.1675074i tried to start a relationship with a couple of the shy girl in the corner types, but every single one was a little off one kept talking about sex in front of my mom.

Daily reminder that Nico Tanigawa is a nickname for two people. But now even as an adult i am still too shy to ask her out. Try to integrate the arms into the torso more- as it is, the lines you're drawing representing the torso cut into the arm far too much, making it look like it's attached by barely a thread of flesh/making it look like she hasn't got proper shoulders.

What's more, you'll have to work on symmetry and general anatomy.

Try drawing a vertical line to orient yourself by, so you don't end up with a horrible mutant with 70% of their body weight on the left side of the body and a spine that doesn't connect properly between different sections of the body.

one was literally afraid of penises and tried and failed to pretend I didnt have one.

and the last one was going good, til she started talking about kids.

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