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Kyo organizes a Net Game club and recruits Hideki, Akane, and Ako.The club's purpose is to enable Ako to play with her guild mates under the same building to demonstrate the coexistence of her real and gaming friends.After Rusian consults Nekohime for advice, Hideki tries his luck to reassure Ako of the distinction, only to later have an overly jealous Ako stalk Rusian in the game talking to Nekohime.Ako stops going to school again, but later appears at the guild hub telling players that she is going to have an offline meeting with an unknown stranger.However, she is actually a gamer herself under the moniker Schwein Her character name is German for pig, which she did not know until Kyo informs her offline, much to her chagrin.Although she is popular at school, she has turned down many boys so she can have more gaming time., a male mage at the beginning of the series. She comes from a wealthy family; her father is on the school board, and her family has several companies.As the Net Game Club finishes another gaming session, Akane dotes on how the club's activities have blurred the distinction between fantasy and reality for Ako even more.

Outside of the guild, she does not have any friends as her family does not give her much chance to socialize.

While Hideki is shocked that Ako is actually a real girl named Ako Tamaki, even more surprising are Apricot and Schwein's real identities, which are student council president Kyo Goshoin and Akane respectively.

The members formally introduce their real life selves and share their common dislike for "normies" (non-gamers), Hideki is still in disbelief at Ako's true beauty in contrast to her 2D appearance.

is a Japanese light novel series, written by Shibai Kineko and illustrated by Hisasi.

ASCII Media Works have published nine volumes since 2013 under their Dengeki Bunko imprint.

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