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It is like spying on the users who are messing your table’s data.

For the demonstration we will use the table ‘Superheroes’ which we created in the previous tutorial.

If you will carefully see the Insert statements used in the IF-THEN-ELSIF statements in the above code, we used some Pseudo Records such as ‘: New’ or ‘: Old’ followed by the name of the column of our source table sh_name.

These Psuedo Records helps us in fetching data from the sh_name column of the underlying source table ‘Superheroes’ and storing it into the audit table sh_audit.

It creates a test table, a package to hold shared data and a trigger for each of the timing points.

Each trigger extends a collection defined in the package and stores a message with the trigger name and the current action it was triggered with.

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CASE WHEN INSERTING THEN -- Include any code specific for when the trigger is fired from an INSERT. WHEN UPDATING THEN -- Include any code specific for when the trigger is fired from an UPDATE. WHEN DELETING THEN -- Include any code specific for when the trigger is fired from a DELETE. DML triggers have four basic timing points for a single table. With the exception of Compound Triggers, the triggers for the individual timing points are self contained and can't automatically share state or variable information.

SH_NAME, v_user, v_date, 'Delete'); ELSIF UPDATING THEN INSERT INTO sh_audit (new_name,old_name, user_name, entry_date, operation) VALUES(: NEW. SH_NAME, v_user, v_date,'Update'); END IF; END; / I would highly suggest you to watch the You Tube Video Tutorial on the same topic since there I have explained the working of this particular trigger line by line in detail.

On successful compilation this trigger will insert a row containing auditing data such as the data inserted, updated and deleted from the source table superheroes along with the username who tampered the data as well as the date and time when it was done and also the name of DML statement executed by user to tamper the data of your table.

This article represents the bare minimum you should understand about triggers before you consider writing one.

clause define the timing point for the trigger, which is explained below.

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