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John served in the rôle of a herald for the prophesied Messiah-King and introduced the ministry and message of Jesus.The key theme of John’s message was “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand” (Matthew 3.2; cf. Jesus took up and continued to preach the same message (Matthew 4.17).When these passages are examined together, what were the Lord’s instructions to His apostles?The chart below group His teaching into the main categories. but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you.

Denominations and churches have been created depending on how they interpret these passages.He was reminding the Jews of what John the Baptizer, Jesus, and the Twelve themselves had been saying for the past three years. In Peter’s second sermon, he offered the kingdom to the nation. This is in contrast with Jesus’ teachings and Peter’s ministry. When Jesus gave orders to go forth and proclaim that the kingdom of heaven was at hand He ordered His apostles to go to the Gentiles but only to Israel (Matthew 10.5-6).The phrases Peter used, “times of refreshing” and “the period of restoration of all things” referred to the prophesied kingdom. Whose seed was God talking about with the phrase “in your seed” that Peter quoted from Genesis? In His instruction of how to deal with a sinning brother Jesus taught His disciples that if the brother refused to listen then they should consider him a Gentile (Matthew 18.12-17). We know from the story that this woman would not be denied.I’ve been talking about a kingdom of the heart, a spiritual kingdom.” No.Jesus taught that the Scriptures would be fulfilled literally.

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