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Kayak Tour A is great for the variation of activities- being able to kayak as well as snorkel definitely broke the day up nicely.

While Tour C is great for variation of scenery- you’ll start the day visiting an abandoned shrine on Mantiloc Island which definitely makes for some cool photo ops. I got pretty badly stung while snorkeling on the second day.

With only 2 days to hop around the islands, we decided to follow the crowds and go for Tour A (1900PHP/28GBP/40USD inc Kayak) and Tour C(1400PHP/21GBP/30USD.) We booked our tours through Art Cafe as we heard they are one of the most reputable and environmentally responsible operators on the island.

If you book their kayak Tour A you get to spend a lot of time kayaking around the blue lagoon, which is an experience not to be missed.

We left Bohol at am; a tricycle, a ferry, a taxi, a (delayed) flight, a lot of waiting around and a hair-raising van ride later, we FINALLY arrived in El Nido at 11 pm.

After a mix up with our room, we were checked into our noisy, basic, highway facing hotel room.

While this might seem expensive, it is one of the only options to get there and the driver will wait for you for as long as you like.

Tickets cost between 500PHP(7GBP/10USD) and 700PHP(10GBP/15USD) depending on the operator (and your haggling ability.) There’s also the option to take the ferry from Coron if you are already in Palawan. Despite the long journey to get there and mediocre town, I must say that I am really glad we decided to go.

The unspoiled archipelago was like nothing I have ever seen before and offered a huge contrast to the pristine beaches of Boracay and lush jungles of Bohol.

Tour C To be honest, El Nido town lacked the charm and atmosphere of the other places we went to in the Philippines so we tried not to spend too much time here.

Most of the restaurants are located across the main beachfront and offer similar menus of Filipino and Western fare.

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