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Horatio and Melody, now ghosts condemned to stay on the estate unless they are proved innocent of being traitors, see the new tenants arriving- young Sheldon Gage, his fiancee, her wise-cracking aunt, and Sheldon’s psychiatrist (note: it would appear the reason for his having a psychiatrist has edited out of the film – you can see a jump cut when they first arrive and talk about the psychiatrist coming!

) As luck would have it- the shrink is a look-alike descendant of Horatio’s old nemesis Cuthbert!

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The gauge then spiked to new highs in the period around May and June.Angry patriots carry away the estate’s furniture and burn the place to the ground.Years pass- and , in the 1940s, the Danbury estate has been rebuilt- and restocked with the original furnishings!Since this movie is a little longer than our average films shown, we’ll limit the Sven time so we don’t have to cut much from the movie.“Time of Their Lives” appears tonight on Me TV at 10 pm eastern/pacific, 9 central, or check your local listings for time in your area.

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