Problems with dating widowers

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The daughter of a doctor and a nurse, she still struggles to convince her parents that her relatively new field is legitimate. Also, be ready for all types of clients: Widowers who need someone to watch TV with. But it wasn’t happening, so he started a charade instead.

Contrived Instagram photos aside, Miyabi’s career mostly comprises the small, unremarkable acts of ordinary friendship: Shooting the breeze over dinner. Speaking simple kindnesses on a simple drive to the client’s parents’ house, simply to pretend you two are in love and absolutely on the verge of getting married, so don’t even worry, Mom and Dad.

After lunch we walk out into the afternoon, our friendship nearly done.

We stroll north, toward the cartoonishly packed intersection near the Shibuya subway station. Schoolchildren huddle and cackle and retreat to phones and then re-erupt.

As a girl, Miyabi longed to be a flight attendant—Continental, for some reason—and that tidy solicitousness still emanates.

She wears a smart gray skirt and a gauzy beige blouse over which a sheet of impeccable hair drapes weightlessly. She smiles when I smile, touches my arm to make a point. With an average of 15 gigs a week, Miyabi’s hours are irregular and bleed from day into night. And that one dude who just wanted a friend who’d do him the solid of waiting seven hours outside Nike to snag these fresh sneakers for him when they went on sale. At 35, “Hayato” had been facing intense pressure to find a wife and start a family.

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