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Her godparents were the Portuguese governor, Joao Corria de Sousa and his wife.

Nevertheless, this period of peace did not last for long, and the Portuguese renewed their aggression towards the Ndongo several years later.

Read More As any violent ruler, also in Africa today, the alliance ENDS with the own clan or tribe.

In the following year, however, the Portuguese were back, and managed to reclaim Luanda.

Queen Nzinga is believed to have been born during the first half of the 1580s.

Nzinga’s father, Ngola Kiluanji Kia Samba, was a ruler of the Ndongo people.

Amongst other measures, the queen offered sanctuary to runaway slaves and Portuguese-trained African soldiers who came to her kingdom.

Additionally, she stirred up unrest within Ndongo as well, which was at that time controlled indirectly by the Portuguese via a puppet king.

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