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But it’s Bridie Carter who really amazes her.“Bridie looks exactly the same – it’s quite remarkable,’’ she says. I think it’s inevitable that we have all changed, but my time on Mc Leod’s really does seem just like yesterday.’’ Bridie, Lisa and Jessica were in the original cast, which included Rachael Carpani, Aaron Jeffery, Myles Pollard, Sonia Todd, John Jarratt and Brett Tucker.Simmone Jade Mackinnon joined in Season 3, while Matt Passmore, Luke Jacobz and Abi Tucker starred in later seasons.Carpani left Mc Leod's Daughters to pursue her career in the United States.She had been cast in the new CBS pilot, Law Dogs with Janeane Garofalo, but the series was not picked up. Rachael then returned to Mc Leod's Daughters as Jodi Fountain Mc Leod for the final episode on 31 January 2009.She is most famous for her role as Jodi Fountain Mc Leod on the Australian TV drama Mc Leod's Daughters.

“I was petrified when I got the job, because it involved horse riding, sheep, cows and dirt.

Rachael studied acting at the Australian College of Entertainment at Macquarie University and at the Drama Works Drama Company.

She is most famous for her role as Jodi on the Australian drama Mc Leods Daughters and has also had many guest roles on Australian television, in shows such as All Saints and Home and Away.

Callie is a single mom raising her young son alone while her husband is in prison for stealing. 7.) Because she confided in him when her husband called from prison. 11.)Because Callie was jealous of Jim spending time with a fellow police officer, Josie. 16.)Because Callie came to see Jim to talk about their kiss! 19.)Because when his car broke down, Callie drove him to the horse ranch.

2.) Because Jim and Callie have a similar sense of humor and just get each other. 4.) Because Jim is already looking out for Callie's son. 6.) Because they are spending more and more time together. 10.)Because he protected Callie and Jeff without letting them know. 14.)Because Josie mistaken asked if Jeff is Jim's son! 15.)Because Jim and Callie shared a PASSIONATE and SEXY kiss with her almost ripping his shirt off! 17.)Because Callie kissed Jim again so that she could "focus" on her studies! 18.)Because Jim definitely could NOT focus after that kiss!

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