Radiocarbon dating activities

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The curves also reduce uncertainty about the timing of major events in the history and development of humans, plants and animals and the environments in which they lived.

Radiocarbon dating is possible because, while alive, plants, animals and humans absorb tiny amounts of radioactive carbon-14 from the atmosphere.

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Developed by researchers from our School of Mathematics and Statistics and the CHRONO Centre at Queen's University Belfast, Int Cal13 will provide reliable time-scales for both archaeologists and environmental scientists.

Those seeking to compare and combine large bodies of evidence, like members of the International Panel on Climate Change, will also benefit from the method.

Our statisticians helped produce the radiocarbon calibration curves Int Cal04, Int Cal09 and, most recently, Int Cal13.

When they die, absorption stops and the amount of carbon-14 begins to decrease in a predictable way as described by the law of radioactive decay.

But carbon-14 levels have fluctuated over time, so to allow accurate dating, an adjustment must be made using a calibration curve.

Int Cal curves are also key to the British Antarctic Survey’s advice to governments and policy makers on past climate, and are used by English Heritage to inform its advice on the management of archaeological and historic monuments.

Eric Wolff FRS, Science Leader (Chemistry and Past Climate), British Antarctic Survey, said: "Correct and consistent dating of past events in the palaeorecord is crucial to our ability to understand processes in the earth system, and therefore to verify and improve models of its future behaviour.

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