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On Friday she left the last remnant of her long life of luxury, a rundown mini-palace in the Spanish capital, which her two sons have just sold.Born Iris Maria Lia Menshall in New York, the daughter of a salesman, Lita broke into show business as a chorus girl in Las Vegas.As a child, Trujillo attended informal schools held in various villagers’ homes.His education took place in fits and starts and was rudimentary at best.They included Desert Sands, Naked In The Sun, Girls On The Loose and Never Love A Stranger.After joining a gang and committing a string of crimes, Trujillo was arrested for forging a check and subsequently lost his job.

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In light of becoming a family man, Trujillo traded in his life of crime for a steady day job.

At the end of 1916, he took a weigher position on a sugar plantation.

Red horses of the sun I saw them with you as we crossed the bay and that was before I even knew you were dreaming of shore cities silvered – against the difficult winter – waiting for purple explosions of azalea we were like that and these people leaving falling away it took a long long time to VI. It is what is not here –as Rilke omits Apollo’s head The vulture’s beauty lies in the high distance of its gyre I confess hesitance at the coded bridge desire coral the husk of voice an eager light her madness when her thighs break your neck if not then a language replacing blood replacing body - communal orchard against displacement against loss you come into the world only an hour a day of mayflies the subject like all of them disappears. Childhood heeby jeebies were minute and natural In the vespertine stillness we didn’t know-we sensed the neighborhood’s charm and its valence Holidays were fresh and we liked the way our parents played together The weather was pure and our lycanthropy was years away It was the way the world was. Bruised by displacement for instance it did not dawn no inkling of being unbound or of ever leaving this earth At one time they thought it too Going forward was still the phase and would be for quite some time. The future was a blast was blasted into smithereens Desert songs got played ad infinitum-Deep down in Florida we smoked the Yellow Rose of Texas got sick and didn’t know it and wouldn’t have cared anyway Radical chic got us laid hunting up AC and girls with Quaaludes The times they were a-changin’ but we didn’t know it. Sudden took a long time to be sudden Bustop mumblings of mathematics That was morning Afternoons were beery -reserved for collecting vipers I think she was already sleeping with the pallbearers Pixels appeared like little birds the order of the day was salmagundi black thorax and a puke of peridot – we were disappointed Something stirred in the forest It was not brightly feathered Stoned but not immaculate Lithographs of orchids in Kunstformen der Natur Pages missing V.

In the forest in the sun behind your house In our exaltations I sometimes felt all of history simply dissolve in the wind You and I are brain-damaged children In the half-life we wear the look of vagueness Other beings discern the nature of our injuries But we cannot can only go on with our approximations as if our world will never end VI.

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