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Also of note are the additional sculptures of the 28 "celestial auxiliaries," spirits considered subordinate to Kannon, located behind it., built in AD 794 and replaced several times after being destroyed by fire, remains one of the city's most visited historic sites.

Highlights include the large terrace of the Main Hall, built on 30-meter-tall pillars with five rows of cross-beams and used as a stage for temple dances and ceremonies.Although the present building was constructed in 1855, it still impresses.Occupying a large (once-walled) enclosure near the heart of the city, the palace includes highlights such as its finely decorated gates, along with a chance to see a number of the palace's most important rooms and buildings, including the Hall for State Ceremonies (Shishinden), the Emperor's Residence (Seiryo-den), the Courtroom (Ko-gosho), and the Imperial Library.The main building dates from 1499 and features a spectacular four-kilometer-long avenue of bright orange "torii," or arches, each dedicated by a business (it takes some two-hours to travel past the 32,000 arches lining the route).Also notable are its many sculptures of foxes, reputed to be messengers of the gods.

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