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That way people will not have to jump around so much.So don't complain if you find yourself reading the same thing twice.Be sure to un-check the "Inv" checkbox when you are done.If the equation uses , or other trigonometric functions, pay attention to what input unit the function wants.DISCLAIMER: I am not a rocket scientist, merely an amateur that has read a lot of books.Any and all of the information on these pages may be incorrect or inaccurate.

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Be told: since this site is so huge, and people tend to just look at one or two pages, I found it useful to repeat identical stretches of text on several pages.Space Flight became and remained the central myth of sf because it was the ultimate window of opportunity, through which the entire Universe could be viewed – and, ultimately, known. And there are one or two pages here that have hardly any equations at all.In genre sf, the ultimate aim of technological progress is, in the words of Mack Reynolds, "total understanding of the cosmos". I'm here to make you into steely-eyed missile people, blasting off and leaving all those trekkies choking on your rocket exhaust. Real rocket scientist know what metric units to use in rocket equations (metre—kilogram—second, centimetre—gram—second, SI). So, for the benefit of all you ground-grippers, I'm going to explicitly specify what metric units to use in each equation.In that case, look up the story or novel in The Internet Speculative Fiction Database. Keep in mind that whether you are designing a rocket for your SF novel, or for a science fictional wargame, the ship can be the center of attention.If the book is out of print, second-hand copies can often be found via Book Carol Maxwell: "What makes you think you can discover anything? Think about the proud series of vessels which formed the focus for high adventure.

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