Relative age dating of rocks

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There aren’t that many women of any age who could pull it off.

‘I hear you – I’m not that happy about it either,’ she jokes.

The popularity of online dating and surprising lack of sexual knowledge in older adults are contributory factors.

Health Protection Agency figures show a 60per cent increase in cases of chlamydia in 2008 in this age group, compared to 2004.

And it's a pattern that's being repeated all over the country: 68 per cent of divorces are now initiated by wives.

Greater economic independence and the fact that 50 no longer spells the end of the road for women are just two of the reasons for the ever- spirallingdivorce rate among older couples.

For better or for worse, we are the first generation of women to turn traditional ideas of middle age on their head.

We're back in the work force, if indeed we ever left it when our children were young, with more money and a knowledge that we can take care of ourselves financially.

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