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Yet it is difficult to ascertain who knew the ends to which the information was to be used.

Kurt Bork was aware that something significant was afoot because the document to which I have referred notes concern about how the Staatsoper and the Komische Oper were to play on, considering the large numbers of West-dwelling staff at those institutions.

This was the case for Peter Palitzsch and Carl Weber, who were directing Brecht plays in Ulm and Lübeck, respectively.

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James Smith, whose assiduous work on the subject looks back to how the UK authorities sought to frustrate the tour of 1956 as well, writes that the Foreign Secretary blocked the issue of travel visas to the BE for a trip to the Edinburgh Festival without the Prime Minister's knowledge.Initially, Manfred Wekwerth proceeded as if the Wall had had no impact on Palitzsch and his work at the BE.In a letter written barely two weeks after the border was closed, Wekwerth told Palitzsch that they needed to sort out the .The events of 13 August 1961 did have a negative effect on the BE's ability to realize its plans.The triumvirate of young directors who looked like they would lead the company after 1956 was no more, and Manfred Wekwerth was without a directing partner.

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