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”I never imagined anything like this would ever happen.

Sabah's actions have left our four children without a mum.

Mr Rehman was not in court but said in a statement: “I feel complete shame about having an affair with Sabah.She referred to her sister as “that bitch”, and told Mr Rehman: “If I could I would take my heart out and show you what you are for me.“Nothing in the world can change my feelings for you. Day by day my love for you gets stronger.” Ms Bickerstaff said: “From February, all was not well with Hefeez Rehman and his affection appears to have been transferred back to his wife.” Around this time Khan searched the internet for “poisonous snakes” “how to hire a killer” and “16 steps to kill someone and not get caught”.Mr Rehman was 10 years Khan's senior and had taken advantage of the opportunity to sleep with both siblings and gain “exclusive rights” over his sister-in-law, the lawyer said.Mr Sidhu quoted from Mr Rehman's account in which he described being “forced” to have sex with Khan, who threatened to harm herself if he did not.

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