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Note that the things being manipulated — markets, currencies, securities, and interest rates — are increasingly phantom entities that appear to maintain their value only because the high priests of financial authority say that they do.

The shelf-life of that flim-flam approaches its endgame as it self-evidently immiserates the masses and their sheer faith in its recondite promises dwindles away to nothing.

The Resistance takes its name from the movement in World War Two France that fought the Nazi occupation, thus self-valorizing itself.

But the pre-owned styling is just another victory of spin in the public relations nightmare that American political life has become.

A genuine resistance would show foremost some fidelity to a reality beyond the spin-factories of self-delusion.The generals are reinvesting in the strategic black hole of our military adventures overseas.The Goldman Sachs appointees are making Wall Street safe for the continued asset-stripping of the USA.Hence, the intellectual decay of American life in which spin is everything, anything goes, and nothing matters.The latest manifestation of this dynamic is the curious movement that styles itself , lately adopted by the grotesque handmaiden of the Deep State that the Democratic Party became in the regency of Hillary Clinton.

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