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Despite the fact that Aidan had a musket and Bishop did not and that Aiden had stabbed Bishop directly in the stomach, Bishop easily defeated and restrained Aiden to his vastly superior strength and experience, and threatened that he would kill Aidan´s troops in a camp nearby.

Aidan is seen as an anomaly in the vampire community since he has been attempting for the last several years to be a "clean" vampire and live off of blood bank bags instead of live blood.

Miraculously, his wife gave birth to a healthy son soon after, whom he named Isaac.

By the year 1779, a state of war had already existed for several years between the American colonies and the British Crown in what would become known as the American Revolutionary War.

He settled down in Montreal for a while but eventually moved back to Boston.

On his return he decided to change his ways and started drinking blood bags instead of killing actual people.

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    Josephus seems to include the oppressions as well as the judges, whereas the writer of Kings excludes the the rule of oppressors, as was customary at this time (Jackson and Lake 1979, 151).

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    And those who question this new fellowship, are found brutally murdered. However, to get the most enjoyment out of the game, explore it all on your own, do all those little sidequests (truly that is the SPICE of life), and refer to this only if you are truly stumped.

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