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The haunts consists of doors slamming, books flying across the room barely missing people, and sounds of foot steps.As people pass a hallway that has mirrors on both sides of the wall, they have seen the old woman or man in the reflection. Workers have reported hearing whistling in the arena after closing.There are reports that when people are alone in there they get cold chills, and hear knocking and scratching when no one was around.There is a ghosts of a young boy about 13 years old walking the halls at night.But the scariest encounter they had was when they saw a 10 lb frying pan come off its hook and get thrown towards them, with no one anywhere near.Many there have stories with ghosts or things that they just couldn't explain.Also, you get the chills and have the feeling that someone's behind you.When you're inside, you will hear screaming coming from a distant room in the house.

Also, on windless days, the swings out on the back playground would swing on their own.The arena has also been reported to fill up with fog, long after the fog machines have been shut off.The light located near the back exit has been seen to mysteriously change colors.This, of course, went unseen by the students, until they looked to see the broom was in a new location.The teacher, working down in the school at night, on numerous occasions, experienced something watching her.

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