Sap business one consolidating bp

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You can tell if it is already enabled by looking for the checkmark indicator.

If it is not enabled, simply choosing this menu option will turn on the feature.

SAP Business One does this, so that the performance of the database can be optimized and it is easier to perform mathematical operations on the data, while still retaining full multi-currency support.

In this case, the easiest way to “find” the correct field is just to hover over another field on the form to get the right table name, then either use the SDK Help, or execute a Select * (selects all fields) query and look through the data.

In this example, I have the Business Partner Master Data open, and have the mouse hovering over the “Name” field.Pricing on SAP Business One depends on a number of factors including selected modules, user count, user types, deployment preference, support expectations, and implementation and training needs.Based on review activity, 68% of buyers who recently considered SAP Business One had spending ranges in the tens of thousands of dollars range (USD) for their estimated total cost of ownership over a 3 year period.Once enabled, this option will give you the exact table name and field name for almost every field in SAP Business One.To access the tool, you first need to enable it from the View Menu.

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