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Trazodone is classified as a serotonin receptor antagonist and reuptake inhibitor (SARI), Onset of action is approximately one hour and the dose range can be large for this medication (Table 1), but for the purposes of pre-hospital sedation, it is recommended to start at 5 mg/kg.Melatonin, the naturally occurring hormone produced by the pineal gland, is available as a neutroceutical in dogs (Pet owners need to have some basic knowledge about these drugs in order to effectively manage anxiety and nervousness in their pets.Read this article to find out some commonly used prescriptions, as well as herbal sedatives for dogs.Table 1: Dosing and timeline of administration for sedative agents.*Timing recommendations based on morning appointments. If appointment falls in afternoon or evening, morning administered medications are likely to have little effect. While all of these medications can be given as single agents, it is recommended to combine in a stepwise process until desired sedation is achieved.The drug exists for veterinary use in two forms – oral and injectable – and while the oral formulation has historic use in managing at home anxieties (e.g.thunderstorms, fireworks, etc.), it can be unreliable in terms of desired sedative effect and onset/duration are often variable.

having these dogs sit in a waiting room with other stressed/vocal animals) within the clinic setting to provide a patient more amenable to handling.

The injectable form, however, administered oral transmucosally (OTM) offers very reliable moderate to marked sedation within 20-30 minutes.

With this route of administration, the dose closely follows recommended intramuscular (IM) dosing (Table 1).

While melatonin has proven beneficial in the management of certain endocrine disorders, it is a helpful adjunct in canine stress disorders.

Therefore, melatonin is offered as an over-the-counter recommendation for the dog with hospital associated aggression and anxiety (Table 1).

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